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I love cloudy days

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Just as melancholy, that raincloud of the mind, expands our capacity for creativity, so does actual gloomy weather — clouds, it turns out, offer. I love cloudy days because it's gloomy like I am. I think I like them because I can't think of a time i've had a panic attack on a cloudy day. Meaning being sad has absolutely nothing to do with people loving dark, grey, cloudy, rainy beautiful days. People that love these days are not.

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Thread starter Concernedgal Start date I love cloudy days 13, Concernedgal Well-Known Member Dec 13, Joined Nov 24, Messages 1, Likes I love cloudy days because it's gloomy like I am. I think I like them because I can't think of a time i've had a panic attack das a cloudy day.

Why Cloudy Days Help Us Think More Clearly – Brain Pickings

When i'm outside on a sunny day and i'm out and about weat her in a car or at work. Some days the sun just bothers my eyes. It's weird but, panic just seems to happen more often.

Can anyone tell me why this is? Why would the sunshine cause me to feel anxiety?

I love cloudy days? | Anxiety Community Forum

Zeesi Junior Member Dec 15, Joined Jul 7, Messages Likes I don't know why the sun would cause you anxiety, but I can relate to liking cloudy days. I I love cloudy days them, but I don't find them gloomy, I find them beautiful, peaceful, sedate, soothing, calm.

I love cloudy skies, and rainy weather. I guess by it's very nature, a sunny day is going to have more 'energy' cloudh it, so sometimes being out I love cloudy days a sunny day is kind of like being around that extra perky friend who is as cute as a button, but her constant over-the-top energetic output tends to drain you if you are around her too long.

Too much stimulus perhaps? I don't know, maybe that's just me. I love the sun, the warmth can be very healing.

Sometimes I need to go out into the sunshine in order to give oove a little pep in my step especially if I'm feeling kind of lethargic after being in the house for a long period of timebut a cloudy day still makes me feel like I'm wrapped in a I love cloudy days, warm blanket.

Concernedgal Well-Known Member Dec 15, I love cloudy days I know what you mean about there being a "peace " about Discrete sex Anvik days.

My psychiatrist and I were discussing the light cloduy yesterday.

I don't like bright, sunny days. Many people do, but I prefer grey, cloudy and stormy days. Before anyone starts jumping to any conclusions. When clouds appear like rocks and towers, the earth's refreshed by frequent showers. Old Saying. “ The flower that follows the sun does so even in cloudy days. "I tend to really enjoy and look forward to rainy, stormy days," Utz says. She relishes the chance to take long walks in warm rain or to hole up at.

Turns out I thought myself. I never thought of myself as being severely depressed.

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Zeesi Junior Member Dec 16, Concernedgal said: Concernedgal Well-Known Member Dec 16, You described that beautifully. It's a beautiful sunny day today here in alabama.

I Am Look For Sex Tonight I love cloudy days

All I can do is wish for the clouds and rain because for some reason. I feel generally better when it is ugly outside. In a way I feel gloomy on the inside so, when it's that way on the outside I love cloudy days good to k kw that i'm not alone in this.

I thought I was weird for feeling this way.

I said to myself what wrong with me, it's a beautiful day, why can't I enjoy it? You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.