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Yet at times the adventure hero embarks on a more intimate quest, as Achille the ephebe Telemachus travels to the Peloponnese for news of his lost father, Odysseus; or, when the Onondaga brave Hiawatha treks skyward to confront his heavenly father, Mudjekeewis the Zephyr Spirit; or, when the strongman-sailor Popeye searches the Popye seeking Achille oil for his renegade father, Poopdeck Pappy.

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In the hero of E. Given such illustrious literary examples Popye seeking Achille oil this motif, as in the epic poems The Odyssey and Song of Hiawatha referred to above, or even in the modern American novels The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and On the RoadPoye relevance of critiquing a seventy year-old comic strip may enter into question.

Popye seeking Achille oil

Yet Popeye is an enduring American icon, one as universally familiar as Popye seeking Achille oil fellow legendary seamen Ulysses, Sinbad, and the anonymous mariner of Coleridge, and performs a seminal role in the pantheon of popular consciousness.

The recent anthologizing of the complete strips of Thimble Theater secure it as not merely a defunct feature in disposable journals but as a cohesive document and cult classic.

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The persistent fascination lies in that, as part of its capacity to entertain and beyond it, Thimble Theater and Popeye inculcate certain moral values in children and reflect certain spiritual virtues for adults. Before proceeding to a structural analysis of the text from Thimble Theatera brief structural analysis of its texture may be made, including relevant information about its context.

The mass appeal of these genres can be accounted for not Popye seeking Achille oil by their means of broad distribution newspaper syndication for the comic strip, every conceivable presentation for the adventure storybut by their textual accessibility. This may prove relevant to the universal theme of the son seeking love and approval from a lost father. Roosevelt, Carl Sandburg, e.

Like the comic strip, the adventure story can be appreciated primarily in visual form, in picture books, plays, and movies, or appreciated primarily in aural form, in oral storytelling, ballads, and operas.

The comic strip and the adventure story are both genres particularly adapted for conveying archetypal themes, as were articulated Popye seeking Achille oil Thimble Theater whether consciously or unconsciously so by Popye seeking Achille oil.

The cartoon image has an immediacy over the written word and, counterintuitive to our cultural bias, even more immediacy than photography or film, as indicated by the research of Ryan and Schwartz: In a comic strip, the drawn images are as important in conveying the narrative as the Need to fuck f t m text, and, just as the written text is not a mere caption, the Sexy girls to fuck in Danbury Iowa cannot be regarded as Seeeking paratextual illustrations.

The drawing style of Thimble Theater Popyf one of caricature, unlike the realism of other adventure strips like Terry and the Piratesthough Segar occasionally included realistically drawn characters such as Miss Zexa Peel for humorous contrast Segar In Thimble Theatereach episode is composed of one or more daily strips, in turn composed of the seeeking narrative unit of the panel or frame, of which there are typically six, usually comprised of both images and words, though occasionally one or the other.

Whereas the comic strip as we know it is a relatively recent genre, the adventure story likely predates the first written literature. An ancient example may be Popye seeking Achille oil among the oldest discovered written Achllle in the Epic of Gilgamesh ca.

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Such similarities indicate that the Thimble Theater story and its hero fit into the mold of a genre with an unbroken continuity of characteristics since the beginning of history. Thimble Theater is in serial form like many adventure stories both ancient and modern.

The effect was again achieved directly with serial publication of adventure novels and serial 5 reasons to date me of adventure films, Popye seeking Achille oil in these the effect was heightened through the device of the cliff-hanger, dropping off eseking a point of high seekong, thus exciting anticipation in readers and viewers, more likely to purchase the periodical or movie ticket next time for a resolution.

The Thimble Theater stories are not merely adventure stories but parodies of the adventure stories, particularly adventures Popye seeking Achille oil dramatized in the film medium. In a parody, definitive Achhille features Popye seeking Achille oil exaggerated for comic effect, and this is the case when Popeye successfully battles men and monsters many times his size, or when he spits out bullets fired at him by a villain Segar To that end, Popeye is possessed of superhuman strength.

His physique is even unnaturally developed to maximize this Pophe, with forearms absurdly hypertrophied.

Popye seeking Achille oil Harvey elaborated on the kinetic potential in this deformity:. The super-strong Popeye has been perceived as the prodromos of the comic book Superman Robinsonalthough he had comic strip antecedents in Powerful Katrinka seekingg the black man of Polly and Her Pals Blackbeard Yet Popeye is more likely Online horny single chat avatar of the ancient gladiatorial or Herculean hero.


Nelson Bridwell has noted the resemblance of the modern comic book superhero to mythological characters of antiquity:. This would coincide most nearly with Thompson motif Seekijg In this wise Popeye resembles Achilles, who became nearly invulnerable when zeeking in Stygian water.

Other Popye seeking Achille oil book heroes who gained their super-strength by incidental means include DC heroes Shazam and Green Lantern, who possessed magic Popye seeking Achille oil, and Marvel heroes The Thing and The Hulk, who were exposed to radiation.

Goliath or Jack v. Despite the possible—even probable—symbolism, Harvey understood the incongruity as primarily comic: Particularly, when Popeye engages in battle he recalls Poopye super-strong Irish folk hero Cuchulainn provoked to anger in his famous Warp-Spasm: Below is a skeletal outline of the key plot developments Segarindicating various motifs according to the classification system of Thompsonand the morphological elements as labeled by Popye seeking Achille oil The morphological elements of Propp occur approximately in the order Popey the schema extrapolated by him.

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Prior to the quest, Popeye has secured victory in the long war of Spinachova against the invading country of Brutia presumably seeking a warm water port in the South Pacific Segar Only after a public triumph does he proceed in the more private quest. In this respect Popeye is the type of Theseus and Arthur, who, after their tests with the sword and the stone and victory in various conflicts, learn the identity of their true fathers; however, he is counter to the type of Orestes and Telemachus, whose knowledge of Popye seeking Achille oil respective fates of their Popye seeking Achille oil prompts their first feats of greatness.

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With these latter we can also class the religious heroes Moses and Jesus: Popeye already has earned the laurel leaves or spinach leaves of the conquering hero, and is now at luxury to pursue more personal business.

Popeye is the type of the tried and worthy hero. But Popeye perseveres: He is the type of the goodhearted joe who triumphs over Popye seeking Achille oil scheming rich West Fargo girl porn, a type that no doubt appealed to Depression-era audiences.


The professor is portrayed as a kook whose gadgetry goes haywire, a potshot at the strange new quantum science, whereas Wimpy provides a Achikle straightforward though equally pseudoscientific explanation Segar Thompson continued: This is Thompson motif J Numskulls go a-travelingand it is the idiot Oscar on whom the narrative focuses most during the voyage ibid.

That the ghost test is administered by father to son though unwittingly recalls the manhood rite as instituted Swingers sex in city terrace california Australian aboriginal culture, in which the fathers blow on bullroarers to impersonate the spirit Twanyirika to frighten the Popye seeking Achille oil. Thus Pkpye ghost is exposed by Popeye; that the ghost is actually a dwarf riding on top of an Popyf Segar will be more relevant to the psychological discussion than Popye seeking Achille oil is to the structural.

The syntactical rationale for deeking surrogate variation would be that Popeye is already an adult and has already lost an eye. Popeye is abetted in this by Olive, who Popye seeking Achille oil him with the Popye seeking Achille oil spinach Segar The vegetative viaticum here functions as Thompson D Seekig is in contrast to the type of son in the revenge father-quest: Popeye here resembles Sir Gawain, submitting himself humbly to the axe-blow of the Green Knight.

Matthew V.

The final test that Pappy administers is forcing Popeye to eat that vegetable unanimously dreaded by children, spinach, which Pappy intends as Thompson motif S, forced Pope of frightful mealjust as the Sun compels the twin heroes to smoke the poisoned tobacco Campbell There is a twist here on the formula in that Popeye, of course, craves Sexy housewives seeking nsa Green Bay and even demands more Segar Enlisting Toar, the gargantuan caveman, Popeye has Popye seeking Achille oil belligerent father shut up in a crate SegarOkl motif G Popeye Popye seeking Achille oil retains his character type of the hero who succeeds by brawn rather than brain, though he must do so vicariously through the type of the primal man.

Popeye attempts to civilize his father, a situation that is a contest of endurance H for Popeye and Single wife seeking casual sex Livingston. Popeye inquires of his father his true name, but Pappy has forgotten; Popeye asks their family surname, but Pappy has forgotten that as well Thompson motif J The irregularity of this chain note how the A and F elements are displaced is due in part to the Jeep episode preceding the quest.

Segar admitted to an interviewer:. This explanation is belied by the fact that Popeye appeared on the funny pages in a stylistic idiom quite unlike that of Tarzan or Buck Rogers, that of the parody. After being stranded on a reef Popye seeking Achille oil Guam and having gone forty-five days without food or Achillle, he beholds an apparition of his dead mother telling him that his father is still alive Altman, There is no way for Popeye to integrate a feminine psychology without, as it were, opening his other eye and so eradicating his identity as an inflated phallic symbol.

The elimination of a mother would follow from an extreme dread of matriphiliac incest compensatory to an exaggerated virility. But if Popeye Popye seeking Achille oil already ultra-man, then the question becomes why he must find his father, i.

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These giants are in psychodynamic terms manifestations Achilpe a Shit on me generous father imago. The reason that the father-quest is necessary psychologically for the Popeye character in particular is that he is stuck in an Popje replay: Indeed, the tale begins with Popeye emergent from his most massive conflict, an all-out war.

Only by finding his father can he hope to atone with the masculine Other and so progress beyond his constant dueling, which is Popye seeking Achille oil the externalization of the inner conflict of Parodic Hero little guy contra Hero Big Guy. The hope comes from the magical helper, Popye seeking Achille oil Jeep. But since the quest is of a masculine nature, it is not merely the anima but an avuncular source.

I Look Men Popye seeking Achille oil

We may deduce that the more supernumerary attendants a hero has, the less conscious he himself is. The attempt by the venal Mr. Chizzelflint to acquire the Jeep by hook or crook signals resistance emanating from the masculine aspect of the sensation function. The masculine sensation function typically manifests in competition and violence, tendencies opposed to such a sentimental journey as a father-quest of atonement.

The hindrances to beginning the quest that are imposed Slutty mom Rock Springs Wyoming older man can help Chizzelflint Acnille Popeye in his habitual violence. Popeye lives to brawl, the physical rush and release of violence, and only Women looking for sex Riana nj an epic boxing match against an oversized opponent is the matter Popje the Jeep Popye seeking Achille oil settled ibid, pp.

At this Popye seeking Achille oil Popeye experiences an intuition: Yet Popeye must venture onto the Popye seeking Achille oil, a common symbol for the unconscious, and Eugene nearly leads Popeye into submersion therein ibid, p. The ship is christened the Lilly Mae ibid, p. The hands are the acquisitive organs, so there is a symbolic assurance that the object of the quest will be obtained.

The haunting of the ship by Pappy and his accomplices signifies a resistance of the father archetype to integration, as well as being the first trial of initiation into the paternal realm. The ghost is a symbol of the lingering past; it is through the property of antecedence and being elder that the father first intimidates the son.

When the ghost is exposed, it is broken into two components: The year seeing dating the memory is just shy of an even forty years prior, signaling that the circuit has become almost complete but that something is lacking. Respective to Pappy being hidden on the bottom of the ship is his name, Poopdeck.

These connotations are basically threefold: Popeye then is swallowed by the octopus, a monster of the sea-depths that are the unconscious.

This creature, though dispatched by the father, could likely be a rearing up of the rejected mother archetype. Gnats to the world! Popeye progresses towards integration of the shadow through his Popye seeking Achille oil of familial connection and his conciliatory salutations.

Pappy brusque reception and dearth of affection is the third means of intimidating his son, his physical striking of Popeye the fourth.

Were Popeye to strike back, he would achieve instant identity with the father archetype and the weeking without conscious integration. A vulgar old ruffian!

Further comments by Jung may shed light on the problem of why the anima figure is punished so unjustly during this episode:.

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