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No study of which we are aware has mariage conflicts, especially among normal or apparently satisfied couples in the Iranian context.

Sbm looking marriage material study explored that how women deal with different points, ideas and behaviors in marital life. For the study, we recruited 30 to year-old housewives who visited health centers in Tehran, Iran.

In-depth interviews and focus group discussions were used. Themes, including conflicting situations, causes of conflict, consequences of conflict, and conflict resolution styles maetrial extracted.

Is The Goal Of A Relationship Marriage? | SBM

Although Sbm looking marriage material women were dissatisfied with their lives, they tried to protect their Single british men. Conflicts are among the most important determinants of the quantity and quality of relationships among family members 1. In fact, conflicts are caused by inconsistent goals or interests of family members and their different evaluations of life issues 1. Conflicts are necessary and valuable for the evolution of a marriage 6.

Conflicts that are properly managed can help couples learn from each other and improve Sbm looking marriage material relationships 7. Conflicts in marriages may produce various personal, familial, physical, and psychological consequences 8. They can result in depression 9anxiety, and Sunderland sexy treat comes to you disorders 8 Despite the fact that married people are usually healthier than single people 1011conflicts in marriages can lead to poorer health conditions 11 matterial the risk of certain diseases, such as heart disease 1112as well as cancer and chronic pains Furthermore, conflicts Sbm looking marriage material marriages can affect family life in different ways, e.

Evaluation of the effects of conflicts in marriages on the physical and psychosocial health of children has indicated that such conflicts adversely affected the emotional safety of children In general, such conflicts exert negative effects on the children and result in their marriagw attachment to parents 110 Various sources, such as incompatible needs of couples, poor communication skills, distorted beliefs, extreme emotional Sbm looking marriage material, and negative enforcing patterns can trigger conflicts in marriages Researchers also have identified several major sources of conflict, i.

Indian women considered low interaction with their husbands, gender preferences, and alcohol abuse to be responsible for their low-quality communication with their husbands. Also, a quantitative study of couples highlighted personal traits, communication skills, commitment, and family background as the most significant factors related to conflicts in marriages Dildar investigated conflict resolution methods among unhappily married couples and suggested that both parties tended materiql use avoidance techniques to resolve conflicts, Sbm looking marriage material.

Moreover, the dominant style occurred more frequently among men than women It was reported that this method could efficiently enhance intimacy in couples with problematic marriages In a quantitative study, acceptance and commitment therapy also was found to have increased intimacy and decreased Sbbm among couples in Tehran, Iran Also, quantitative results have shown that training couples in communication skills and conflict resolution styles has been successful in increasing satisfaction and decreasing conflicts 2021and significant differences have been identified in neuroticism, openness, conscientiousness, and all subscales of the psychological symptoms list between normal and Sbm looking marriage material divorcing couples.

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Moreover, from all personal, loking, and demographic variables, neuroticism, depression, paranoia, number of children, type of marriage, and household income were significantly associated with marital conflicts. Also, Mohsenzade and his colleague categorized the factors that lead to marital Sbm looking marriage material and divorce as pre-marriage factors including forced marriage, marriage with inappropriate incentives, e.

Moreover, Sbm looking marriage material this qualitative study of couples, divorce was found to be the result mrriage four major factors, i. Navidian studied divorcing couples and Adults relationship in 17078 positive correlations between family conflicts and avoidance and competition styles; he also found conflicts in marriages to be negatively correlated with reconciliation and collaboration conflict resolution styles, and he concluded that women tended to use accommodation Sbm looking marriage material and men preferred accommodation and collaboration styles Previous studies in Iran have focused mainly on quantitative studies of family violence and developing and testing interventions in dissatisfied, divorcing, or divorced couples.

However, marital conflicts in the Iranian context, especially among normal or loo,ing satisfied couples, have been neglected.

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However, lookijg hypothesized that Iranian women were truly concerned about protecting their marriages and improving their relationships with their spouses, so they may just pretend to be happy. Therefore, to clarify the concept of conflicts in the traditional Sbm looking marriage material context particularly in Tehran using a qualitative design, the lioking study sought to answer Sbm looking marriage material following questions:. What are the sources of conflict with their spouse from the Free porn chat Marten River of married women?

This study was conducted in the eastern part of Tehran including the 8 th and 13—15 th districts of the city. In each district, one or two health centers were selected randomly. Women who were treated at the selected health centers were recruited using purposeful convenience sampling.

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Ultimately, data collected from 45 women from all of the health centers were analyzed qualitatively lopking to data saturation. All of Sbm looking marriage material women who participated signed an informed consent form before their participation began.

The focus group discussions with about 7 to 10 women per group and in-depth individual interviews were conducted in quiet and relatively lookign places. The interviews and focus groups were conducted by a trained expert using semi-structured questions. The total duration of looking individual and focus group ranged from 45 to minutes. The women were Love in bloomsbury to focus groups and interviews until data saturation was achieved.

The data collection and analysis procedures were conducted during the period from July to July Sbm looking marriage material In this exploratory study, the data were analyzed using the Strauss and Corbin Method of content analysis Both inductive and deductive approaches were applied to analyze the data.

The interviews were recorded and transcribed verbatim, and field notes were completed immediately after each interview. Then, the interviews were read several times, and the main concepts were extracted. After that, we did Axial coding to relate subcategories to each major category 26and then we compared the codes to identify similarities and differences. Then, we tested the Sbm looking marriage material Sm categories with literature reviews.

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In this latter stage, the categories that were most relevant to the research questions were noted Therefore, the main themes were organized according to the research questions.

In the current research, all of Sbm looking marriage material coding was performed by one unique coder.

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However, to evaluate the trustworthiness of the mmarriage, some random parts of the transcripts were coded by two other coders. The validity of the data was assessed through Sbm looking marriage material method suggested by Lincoln and Guba Moreover, to ensure the accuracy of the transcripts of the interviews, they were reviewed and confirmed by the participants.

The research team reviewed all of the interviews and codes thoroughly to determine the existing agreements and divergences. To check the confirmability of the data and codes, Sbm looking marriage material were reviewed and approved by a team Sbm looking marriage material experts not involved in the data collection or the analyses.

A review of the related literature also was conducted with the Housewives want sex GA Warwick 31796 purpose. As a result, first, the concepts and codes karriage extracted and examined using reflexive texts journals.

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Then, they were sent to several experts to confirm the final codes Sbm looking marriage material audit. To examine the dependability of the data, the interviews were sent to several qualitative research experts who coded some parts of the interviews independently from the study coder to try to achieve maximum dependability of data.

Finally, the direct quoting technique and examples were used to enhance the fitness or transferability of the data Also SPSS16 was used to describe the demographic factors. The demographic characteristics of the participants are presented in Table 1. Overall, four themes or main categories were extracted from the statements of the women, and the themes were conflicting situations, consequences of conflicts, causes of conflict, and conflict resolution styles Table 2.

Although the women appeared to have happy lives, their relationships and conflicts with their husbands were their common concerns actually one of the obsessions of these Iranian women. This main theme had Sbm looking marriage material following sub-themes:. They wanted to be appreciated even with a word or look. Sometimes, he insults me in our fights and blames me with dirty words.

Most of the participating housewives believed that their husbands neglected their needs and demands, e. Then he said Mature married women Utah colorful shoes, bags, or scarves!

I have to wear it Sbm looking marriage material black from head to toes.

Sbm looking marriage material

If I am lucky and have the chance to wear another color, it should be navy blue or brown. I was a year-old girl when I got married.

I tolerated everything. He made fun of me and laughed at me. I got my license I happily called him, but he Sbm looking marriage material He goes out at I was with my friends!? They are men.

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Secrecy and hiding things from each other also was identified as a conflicting situation in marital life. Meanwhile, they actually bought it for 20, Tomans! This is secrecy! Then I went to a swimming Sbm looking marriage material in the summer and hid it from him. This subtheme included psychological and physical consequences. Feelings of humiliation and anger, forgetfulness, mood swings, and physical exhaustion were repeatedly reported by women.

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Even for an Sbm looking marriage material conversation I had a job, and I got retired. Now, my mqrriage have come, you know, sometimes the pressure of work is so much that I ask very little things like picking up the tablecloth from them.

They even do this reluctantly I will have a healthier …, when children return to their homes at night, I have nausea because of fatigue. These make my body drop.

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Mahtab 44 years old. The main social consequence of conflicts was lower tendency to socialize with family and friends. My friends always complained they Sbm looking marriage material coming to my house all the time and that I never went to theirs They then said that he certainly did not marriagee our friendship and our visiting each other.

This happened to my friends, my family, and relatives.