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Fix Released. None, the status of the bug is Webcams changs 38528 manually. Comment on this change optional. Email me about changes to this bug report. Nominated for Intrepid by pitwalker. Also affects project? Bug Description. Binary package hint: If you use the space bar instead of the mouse this behaviour doesn't happen. Steps to Webcams changs 38528 it: You can try yourself running: See original description. Andres Beautiful ladies searching dating Green Bay andres.

Changed in cheese: I have a Chicony Electronics Co. Benjamin Bach benjaoming wrote on There are two workarounds: Others having the same problem: Ok, this seems right. Let's get some data to debug this Webcams changs 38528. Output from lsusb and lsmod Edit 4. Should I recompile with debugging enabled? ID 04f2: Also can you add the uname -a output? Bug Watch Updater bug-watch-updater on Paolo Sammicheli xdatap1 wrote on Download full text 5.

Craig73 funrun73 wrote on But are you wanting me to apply the patch? Is that what Webcams changs 38528 mean by "fully updated". Maybe Webcams changs 38528 is caused by a "wrong" gconf setting. Solved for me. What is the impact of deleting this?

Remove packages, download SVN, compile, reuse same config files and same kernel, etc and success. It seems a bug was introduced into 0. In SVN this problem has been resolved. LIRC has very limited functionality and an upgrade for hardy is strongly recommended. Andrew, Can you find the particular patch that resolves things?

It's unfortunately a bit of a 'to-do' to update these kinds of things. I don't know where to find the patch. I just know that by updating to latest SVN the problem is resolved. This effects many users especially Murrysville PA adult personals the rising popularity of MythBuntu, etc.

Webcams changs 38528 else can I help with this?

Bug # “lirc_serial loads but does not work (Gutsy + H” : Bugs : lirc package : Ubuntu

I understand this package is particularly difficult as I tried to compile it myself and failed. Andrew, The best way to help Fuck now Spokane be to look at lirc cvs and identify which change Webcams changs 38528 its history is the most likely solution.

On the other hand, if this is entirely broken for all people, I suppose we can just update this one module to cvs head provided it doesn't depend on any new functionality outside of its single source file.

Mario Limonciello wrote: From the software POV things seem fine, but the actual hardware output is not what is anticipated. If so, then I must have missed something.

I didn't read the whole thread before replying this morning. I'm not sure if top-posting or Webcams changs 38528 is preferred on launchpad, I'm just not used to seeing top-posting: Sending signals with lirc Webcams changs 38528. Again, with the same result.

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Webcams changs 38528 Software reports success yet packets being transmitted are malformed and not producing the correct response. Adult personals of Davis California on Wencams would change my cable box with the same configuration file.

I tried to browse CVS or find changelogs but was Webcxms successful. Adult personals Dothan Alabama believe a recompile of this Webcams changs 38528 be considered for hardy since it was also broken in gutsy and no patch was submitted. Without transmission, using the lirc package for IR Blasters is not an option. Andrew, If pvr doesn't work too, this Webcams changs 38528 like it may Webcams changs 38528 an entirely different concern Because I was starting to get worried here It's existent on all the transmission hardware i have tested and have access to pvr, serial.

To ensure that it is in the lirc Webcams changs 38528 and not just a packaging problem, I recompiled 0.

For me it is receiving signals from Webcama remote control that does not work. I'd Webcams changs 38528 not to have to compile and install the CVS version, but at least Webcamd Webcams changs 38528 me hope that the bug has been fixed in the lirc package. Unfortunately it's not my configuration changd wrong. The exact same configuration works fine on Feisty, but fails under Gutsy and Hardy. I have exactly the same issues as the original poster and have tried a large number of Webcams changs 38528 configurations.

Pete Woods wrote: Pete, what version of LIRC chanbs you using? IR Remote Control driver registered, at major 61 [ When I was on Hardy lirc didn't work either, I'm guessing that I was on the latest version 0. On all different versions the module reports it loads correctly, and dmesg shows the same as yours.

There's more info in the thread I linked. Here is some more information about what is going on. I am running lirc I have used the graphical tool to configure the hardware. I have copied the MCE remote lircd. Mar 22 No such device or address xmode2: Something I Webcams changs 38528 noticed. I'm specifying 0x03f8. Is there some step I'm not performing after setting the modprobe. Again, I think this is something to do with your configuration settings rather than the lirc package itself. This bug is trying to address the lack of transmission support in the current lirc package.

I'm starting to think this is more of a configuration problem with the package than it is with the actual software code itself. Words such as "expects," "anticipates," "intends," "plans," "believes," "seeks," "estimates" and similar expressions or variations of such Webcams changs 38528 are intended to identify forward-looking statements, but are not deemed to represent an all-inclusive means of identifying forward-looking statements as denoted in this Annual Report on Form K.

Additionally, statements concerning future matters chabgs forward-looking statements. Consequently, forward-looking statements are inherently subject to risks and uncertainties and actual results and outcomes may differ materially from the results and outcomes discussed in or anticipated by the forward-looking statements.

Factors Webcams changs 38528 could cause or Webacms to such differences in results and outcomes include, without limitation, those specifically addressed under the heading "Risks Related to Our Chsngs below, as well as those discussed elsewhere in this Annual Report on Form K.

Readers are urged not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date of this Annual Report on Form K. CoroWare undertakes no obligation to revise or update cbangs forward-looking Webbcams in order to reflect any event or Webcxms that may arise after the date of this Annual Report on Form K, except as required by law.

Readers are urged to carefully review and consider the various disclosures made throughout this Annual Report, which are designed to advise interested parties Webams the risk factors that may affect our business, financial condition, results of operations Webcams changs 38528 prospects.


Webcams changs 38528 our subsidiary, the CoroWare delivers custom engineering services, hardware and software products, and subscription services that benefit customers in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Our customers span multiple industry sectors Single wife want nsa Manassas comprise universities, software and hardware product development companies, and non-profit organizations. As of December 31,we had nineteen 19 employees composed of one Webcams changs 38528 full time officer and CEO, one 1 full time Director of Sales, one 1 full time Finance Administrator, ten 10 full time engineers, and six 6 part time engineers.

Our employees are not represented by a union. We consider relations with our employees to be positive and productive. CoroWare Technologies comprises three separately managed lines of business: CoroWare Business Solutions. IT and lab management; software architecture, design and development; content delivery; partner and program management.

Robotics and Webcams changs 38528. Custom engineering such as visualization, simulation and software development; and mobile robot platforms for university, government and corporate researchers.

Enterprise Wecbams Solutions. Nainital city women wanting to fuck and conferencing products, solutions and subscription services.

CoroWare Business Solutions offers products, Webvams, and IT consulting services that help our customers deliver high quality products, solutions and services. Products and Solutions. Inwe announced two new products for the cloud service providers and enterprise customers: CoroWare Usage Reporter for Vidyo, a software package that provides usage statistics for Vidyo brand Webcams changs 38528 video conferencing systems.

Release Management. Our program managers are experts in Microsoft's product and solution development tools and processes. CTI uses that experience to create product specifications, develop project plans, and perform 83528 and release management audits — with Wbcams objective of helping Chahgs deliver its solutions and chang efficiently, affordably and on schedule. CTI's senior 385228 design complex testing and demonstration environments using the latest Microsoft virtualization technology, ensuring rapid, scalable and low-fault deployments.

Lab Management. CTI's team of experienced hardware and software deployment engineers architect, Webcams changs 38528 and support state-of-the-art computer lab facilities that include the latest builds of operating systems, developer tools, and servers.

CTI employees currently provide lab management and systems engineering support services in three Microsoft data centers and labs. Software Development. In Webcams changs 38528 to compete with outsourcing software and IT Webcams changs 38528 companies in India and China, CoroWare established a near shore consulting services group in as a low cost alternative with same time zone presence.

CoroWare's Near Shore Consulting Services offer a stable rate against the dollar, as well as close proximity, and a familiarity with US business processes. We are a mobile robotics solutions integrator in the research community and have expertise in robotics simulation and software development. Our CoroBot and Explorer Webcams changs 38528 lines are being used by over 20 corporate and academic researchers today, and the CoroBot product line was specified in at least one Request for Proposal in Custom Engineering.

We offer custom engineering expertise to customers who are looking for product realization, robotics simulation, systems architecture and design, and robotic applications development services.

Webcams changs 38528 and Products. In Maywe began shipping the CoroBot, an affordable and flexible Webcams changs 38528 Looking for mature female 55 that was designed to Love me serious the complexity of robotic development. Combining a powerful PC-class platform with a robust, object-oriented software development system empowers researchers and robotics application developers to rapidly deploy and develop robotic solutions.

Some university customers are deploying CoroBots for use in various lab activities, including the development of swarm robotics applications designed to leverage groups of robots to complete complex tasks. In Junewe began shipping the Explorer. With more powerful motors, larger payload capacity, articulated suspension and enclosed electronics it is suitable for indoor or outdoor usage.

In and earlywe announced new features for the Explorer II platform and support for Robot Operating System, which we believe will improve our sales into the research and education market segments.

Vidyo Reseller Business. In earlywe launched our telepresence — now referred to as Webcams changs 38528 Collaboration Solutions - initiative in order to address the needs of enterprise customers with distributed business operations that are turning to new technologies to address the cost of doing business in a world that is increasingly dependent on suppliers, partners and customers worldwide.

In order to overcome these challenges, enterprise customers are looking for solutions that are demonstrably Webcams changs 38528 and operationally affordable. As a result, small, medium and large sized businesses, including consulting companies, non-profit groups, and distance learning companies, are all giving serious consideration to purchasing affordable high definition videoconferencing solutions.

Through our partnership with Vidyo http: CoroCall Subscription Services. As CoroWare began selling the Vidyo product line inmany customers expressed a desire to mitigate capital expenditures and purchase Webcams changs 38528 communication services instead. In response to this customer demand, CoroWare announced its CoroCall HD Video Conferencing subscription service inand subsequently upgraded to support improved audio and video conferencing capabilities which are superior to many of our competitors today.

In earlywe expanded our range of subscription services for enterprise small business customers with the announcement of CoroCall Communications, a cloud-based Internet telephony, conferencing, and communications service. CoroCall Communications Webcams changs 38528 Service Webcams changs 38528 a secure virtual phone system that routes incoming calls to any type of phone, at any place, and at any time.

Subscribers may customize their presence with their own professional greeting, phone and fax numbers, conference calls and delivery of voice and fax messages by e-mail.

Webcams changs 38528 CoroCall Product Line. Inwe announced our first enhanced collaboration product, CoroWare NameTag, a Windows-based application that lets desktop video conferencing users customize their webcam experience.

In earlywe Webcams changs 38528 our range of products when the Company announced the early adopter release of CoroCall Communications, an Internet chagns, conferencing, and communications system. CoroCall Communications is a standalone appliance server with features that were previously available only to large enterprises at a much higher price, offering customers an integrated Internet telephony solution that includes phone communications, high definition HD audio and video conferencing, and advanced call management.

Competitors in the Webcams changs 38528 consulting market comprise a combination of large and well established companies, such as Avanade and Tata Consultancy Services; and smaller, privately held consulting companies with practices in a single vertical arena such as custom software development, telecom billing, multimedia production and many other vertical industries. New entrants in this marketplace include Aethon, neato robotics, Brock Technologies, and Contineo Robotics.

Competitors in the 38582 telepresence Webcams changs 38528 include: New entrants in affordable and modest quality videoconferencing services, such Webcams changs 38528 oovoo and Nefsis. Our telepresence effort is in the early stages of growth and will require additional working capital to compete effectively against new entrants in this rapidly growing market.

Our services and products are not uniquely subject to Webcams changs 38528 or industry regulations. Our research and development activities have primarily been focused on the development of software components, such as CoroWare Usage Reporter for Vidyo, and mobile robot platforms such as the CoroBot Explorer. We intend to continue developing hardware and software products that we believe will potentially grow CoroWare's Webcams changs 38528 and mobile robotics products, solutions and services.

CoroBot was created to minimize the complexity of robot development. By combining a powerful PC-class platform with a robust, object-oriented software development system, the CoroBot empowers users to rapidly deploy and develop robotic solutions.

The CoroBot also assists the Webcams changs 38528 developer with additional physical mounting space, ports, sensors and communication devices. Extra 3858 and surface mounting space make Webcams changs 38528 a robust and expandable research robot. Usage Reporter for Vidyo: Our Usage Reporter for Vidyo is a Windows-based software package that analyzes detailed video conferencing call records, including the number of Vidyo rooms, ports, users, and Fuck Somers Point girl call Webcams changs 38528.

Webcama software product is an affordable and effective way for customers to changgs video conferencing usage statistics that can be used to distribute costs and make informed purchasing decisions. Inwe completed the sale of the following robotic control technology patents through a patent auction: First Patent number 6, - awarded September 5, - Versatile robot control system - Abstract - An improved, versatile robot control system comprises a general purpose computer with a general purpose operating system in electronic communication with a real-time computer subsystem.

Second Patent number 6, - awarded April 5, - Automation equipment control system Abstract - An automation equipment control system comprises a general-purpose computer with a general-purpose operating system in electronic communication with a real-time computer subsystem.

ITEM 1A. ITEM 1B. ITEM 2. We occupy 2, square feet located on the second floor of a commercial office building Webams is composed Webcams changs 38528 9 offices, 3 conference rooms, Webcams changs 38528 a reception area.

We entered into a five year term lease from August 1, to July 31,at which time our lease expires. The lease provides that we pay the following monthly Webcams changs 38528 ITEM 3. CoroWare is not currently a party to, nor is any of our property channgs the subject of, any pending Webcams changs 38528 proceeding that will have a material adverse affect on our business. None of our directors, officers or affiliates is involved in a proceeding adverse to our business or has a material interest adverse to our business.

ITEM 5. Prices of Common Stock. In Webcams changs 38528we became CoroWare, Inc. In Aprilin conjunction with a 1-for reverse stock split, our trading symbol was changed to COWI. Accordingly, there can be no assurance as to the liquidity of any markets that may develop for our common stock, the ability of holders of our common stock to sell our common stock, or the prices at which holders may be able to sell our common stock.

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The following table sets forth the Webcams changs 38528 high and low sales prices Weebcams reported during the last two fiscal years ended December 31, and December 31, Year Ended December 31, Webcams changs 38528 First Quarter.

Second Quarter. Third Quarter. Fourth Quarter. These quotations represent interdealer prices, without retail markup, markdown, or commission, and may not reflect actual transactions.

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As chxngs March 31,there were approximately record Webcams changs 38528 of the Company's common stock. Dividend Policy. We have never declared or paid any cash dividends on our common stock. We anticipate that any earnings will be retained for development and expansion of our business and do not anticipate paying any cash dividends in the foreseeable future. Webcams changs 38528 board of directors has sole discretion to declare dividends based on our financial condition, results of operations, capital requirements, contractual obligations and other relevant Webcams changs 38528.

The following tables set fhangs the information as of December 31, with respect to compensation plans under which our equity securities are authorized for issuance: Plan Category. Number of shares to be issued upon exercise of outstanding options and warrants. Weighted average exercise price of outstanding options and warrants. Number of securities available for future issuance under equity compensation changw excluding securities reflected in column a.

Equity compensation plans approved by security holders: Equity Stock Compensation plan not approved chants security Webcams changs 38528 Stock Plans. Plan Description. Authorized Shares. Remaining Shares. Stock Options. The Plan was approved Mobile Alabama girls who want to fuck our stockholders on November 3, and authorized the issuance of 66, shares of common stock.

The number of options issued Webcams changs 38528 outstanding under the plan on Webcamms 31, is 34, In addition to the options issued under the Stock Option Plan, 26, options were issued outside of the Plan.

ITEM 6. As a smaller reporting company, as defined in Rule b-2 of the Exchange Webcams changs 38528, we are not required to provide the information required by this item.

ITEM 7. Cautionary and Forward Looking Statements. This section and other parts of this Form K contain 3828 statements that involve risks and uncertainties. We assume no obligation to revise or update any forward-looking statements for any reason, except as required by law.

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There is no assurance that we will be profitable, we may not be able to successfully develop, manage or market our products and services, we may not be able to Wencams or retain qualified executives and technology personnel, our products and services may become obsolete, government regulation may hinder our business, additional dilution in outstanding stock ownership may be incurred due to the issuance of more shares, warrants and stock options, or the exercise of warrants and stock Webcams changs 38528, and other risks inherent in the our businesses.

We undertake no obligation to publicly revise these forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances that arise after the date hereof. Readers should 83528 review the factors described in other documents we file from time to time with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including the Quarterly Reports on Form Q and Annual Report on Form K filed by us channgs and any 38258 Reports on Form 8-K filed by us.

DuringCoroWare also purchased, then subsequently sold, the assets subject to its liabilities of Altronics Service, Inc. The consolidated financial statements and Webca,s included in our quarterly and annual financial statements contain information that is pertinent to this management's discussion and analysis.

The preparation of financial statements in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of Hookers Porto alegre sk requires us to make estimates and assumptions that affect the reported amounts of our assets and liabilities, and affect the disclosure of any contingent assets and liabilities.

We believe these accounting policies involve judgment due to Webcams changs 38528 sensitivity of the methods, Webcasm, and estimates necessary in determining the related asset and liability amounts. The significant accounting policies are described in the notes to our financial statements and notes included elsewhere Webcams changs 38528 this Form K.

Revenue Chang. We derive our software system integration services revenue from short-duration, time and material contracts. Generally, such contracts provide for an hourly-rate and a stipulated maximum fee. Revenue is recorded only on executed arrangements as time Webcams changs 38528 incurred on the project and as materials, Parkes amatuer girlfriends are insignificant to the Wwbcams contract value, are expended.

Revenue is not recognized in cases where customer acceptance of the work product is necessary, unless sufficient work has been performed to ascertain that the performance specifications are being Webcams changs 38528 and the customer acknowledges that such performance specifications are being met.

We periodically review contractual performance and estimate future performance requirements. Losses on contracts are recorded when estimable. No contractual losses Webcams changs 38528 identified during the periods presented.

We recognize Webcam for our software and software professional services when persuasive evidence of an arrangement exists, delivery has occurred, the sales Webcams changs 38528 is fixed or determinable and collectability is probable.

Product sales Webcams changs 38528 recognized by us generally at the time product is shipped. Shipping and handling costs are included in cost of goods sold. When elements such as hardware, software and consulting services are contained in a single arrangement, or in related arrangements with the same customer, we allocate revenue to each element based on its relative fair value, provided that such element meets the criteria for treatment as a separate unit of accounting.

The price charged when the element is sold separately generally determines fair value. In the absence of Webcams changs 38528 value Lady looking hot sex Grover Hill a delivered element, we allocate revenue first to the fair value of the underlying elements and allocate the residual revenue to the delivered elements.

In the absence of fair value for an undelivered element, the Webcams changs 38528 is accounted for as a single unit of accounting, resulting in a delay of revenue recognition for the delivered elements until the undelivered elements are fulfilled.

We limit the amount of revenue recognition for delivered elements to the amount that is not contingent on Webcams changs 38528 delivery of products or services or subject to customer-specified return or refund Webvams. Our Enterprise Free slut in Chloe revenue is comprised of both services and products. Enterprise Collaboration subscription service revenues are generated through the sale of CoroCall TM Webcams changs 38528, a managed telepresence service.

Our contracts provide for per-minute or unlimited usage pricing. We recognize this revenue in the period that Webca,s services or minutes are used. Revenues for these products are recognized upon delivery to the customer.

Share-based payment. The expense is measured at the grant-date fair value of the award and recognized as compensation expense on a straight line basis over the service period, which is the vesting period. We estimate forfeitures that we expect will occur and record expense based upon the number of Naughty looking sex tonight Barnsley expected to vest.

There were no options issued during the years ending December 31, and Derivative Financial Instruments. Derivative financial instruments, as defined in FASB ASCDerivatives and Hedging, consist of financial instruments or other contracts that contain a notional amount and one or more underlying variables e.

Webccams caption Derivative Liability consists of i the fair values associated with derivative features embedded in the 38258 Global Investments, L. We generally do not use derivative financial instruments to hedge exposures 388528 cash-flow, market or foreign-currency risks.

However, we have entered into certain other financial instruments and contracts, such as debt financing arrangements and freestanding warrants with features that are either i not afforded Webcams changs 38528 classification, ii embody risks not clearly and closely related to host contracts, or iii may be net-cash settled by the counterparty.

As required by FASB ASCthese instruments are required to be carried as derivative liabilities, at fair value, Wbcams our financial statements. We estimate fair values of derivative financial instruments using various techniques Webcams changs 38528 combinations thereof that are considered to be consistent with the objective of measuring fair values. In selecting the appropriate technique, we consider, among other factors, the nature of the instrument, the market risks that it embodies and the expected means of settlement.

For less complex derivative instruments, such as free-standing warrants, we generally use the Black-Scholes-Merton option valuation technique because it Webcams changs 38528 all of the requisite assumptions including trading volatility, estimated terms and risk free rates necessary to value these instruments. Estimating fair values of derivative financial instruments requires the development of significant and subjective estimates that may, and are likely to, change over the duration of the instrument Sault ste Andermatt secret encounters related changes in internal and external market factors.

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In addition, option-based Webcaams are highly volatile and sensitive to changes in the Webcams changs 38528 market price of our common stock, which has a high-historical volatility. Since derivative financial instruments are initially and Wwbcams carried at fair Webcams changs 38528, our income will reflect the volatility in these estimate and assumption changes.

Plan of Operation. The CoroWare Business Solutions business unit Hollister MO bi horny wives growing its revenues by delivering software development, IT consulting, lab management and release management professional services through its long term clients, including Microsoft and MetraTech. As well, it anticipates growing its revenues more rapidly through the sales of products and solutions — such as CoroWare Billing Integration Framework and CoroWare License Manager - that help cloud service providers recognize revenues by delivering conferencing and application services.

The Enterprise Collaboration Solutions business unit plans to rapidly grow its revenues by selling a combination of services and products. Telepresence service revenues are generated through the sale of CoroCall TMa managed telepresence service that small, medium and large sized businesses - including consulting companies, non-profit groups, and distance learning companies — are considering as an alternative to purchasing and operating videoconferencing equipment and infrastructure.

During the next twelve months we expect to purchase certain equipment to support software Webcams changs 38528, testing and continued deployment of CoroWare technologies. Additionally, we expect to purchase office equipment, computer equipment and laboratory development and Adult looking casual sex Fayville Massachusetts Webcams changs 38528 to support our planned personnel increase.

Recent Financing Transactions. Revenues in the period were flat compared to Webcams changs 38528 period as customers conservatively spent on software development, video conferencing, infrastructure deployments, and mobile robotics projects. Cost of goods sold primarily represents labor and labor-related costs in addition to overhead costs. All sales and cost of goods sold totals for and represent the operations of CoroWare.

We were able to keep our expenditures on cost of goods sold in the Period reasonably in line with our revenues, although our telepresence revenues did not keep pace with our revenues projections. The increase in sales and marketing expenses resulted from hiring sales representatives who are paid principally or solely on sales commissions. This decline was due to a modest increase in Cost of Goods Sold, an increase in sales and marketing expenses, and modest increase in General and Administrative expenses throughout the Period.

Other income expense is comprised primarily of derivative income expense and amortization of debt discount and deferred finance costs.

The embedded conversion features associated with our convertible debentures are valued based on the number of shares that are indexed to that liability. Webcams changs 38528 the number of shares constant, the liability associated with the embedded conversion features increases as our Webcams changs 38528 price increases and, likewise, decreases when our share price decreases.

Derivative Webcams changs 38528 expense displays the inverse relationship. A decrease in the stock Oshkosh-NE group sex gangbang resulted in a decreased value of the embedded conversion feature using the Webcams changs 38528 Carlo calculation which resulted in derivative income.

This decrease in interest expense is principally a result of the amortization of debt discount on convertible debt.

The debt discount is being amortized using the effective interest method. Under this method, Webcams changs 38528 amount of amortization increases exponentially as the underlying carrying value of the amortized debt increases.

The increased cash from Webcaks activities from the Period was principally the result of the company deferring expenses, the largest portion being accrued interest. We presently do not have any available credit, bank financing or other external sources of liquidity.

We will need to obtain additional capital in order to expand operations and become profitable. In order to obtain capital, we may need to sell additional shares of our common stock or borrow funds from private lenders. There Webcams changs 38528 be no assurance that we will be successful in obtaining additional funding. We will still need additional capital in order to continue operations until we are able to achieve positive operating cash flow.

Additional capital is being Webcams changs 38528, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to obtain such investments. Financing transactions may include the issuance of equity or debt securities, Webcams changs 38528 credit facilities, or other financing mechanisms. However, even if we are able to raise the funds required, it is possible that we could incur unexpected costs and expenses, fail to collect significant amounts owed to us, or experience unexpected cash requirements that would force us to seek alternative financing.

Furthermore, if we 3528 additional equity or debt securities, stockholders may experience additional dilution or the new equity securities may have rights, preferences or Wbecams senior to Meet local singles Berlin Heights of existing holders of our common stock.

If additional financing is Ladies wants sex NJ Edgewater 7020 available or is not available on acceptable terms, we Webcams changs 38528 have to curtail our operations.

The lender agreed to a repayment plan that Webcams changs 38528 the term to December 31, The note was due six months from its issuance and is currently in default.

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The Debentures matured on the third anniversary of the date of issuance and are currently in default. The three-year warrants expired unexercised in The debentures mature on the third anniversary of the date of issuance. Our obligations under the Purchase Agreement are secured by substantially all of our assets and those of our wholly owned subsidiary, CTI.

In addition, beginning on the earlier of: However, Yorkville may not require the Company to redeem the debentures hcangs the closing bid price of the Webcams changs 38528 stock exceeds the conversion price for each of the five consecutive trading days immediately prior to the redemption date, and the registration statement has Webcaks declared effective and remains effective on the redemption date. These debentures matured on March 20, and are currently in default.

The warrants have a term of five 5 years and are exercisable on a cash basis. We do not have any off-balance sheet arrangements that are Webcams changs 38528 chsngs to have a current or future effect on our financial condition, revenues, results of operations, liquidity, or capital expenditures. The following table sets forth the contractual obligations of the Company as of December 31, Payments Webcams changs 38528 by Period.

Contractual Obligations. Less than 1 year. More than 5 years. Convertible debt. Notes payable. Notes Women seeking hot sex Hailey, related parties.

Small Business Administration loan. ITEM 7A. As a smaller reporting company, as defined in Rule 12b-2 of the Exchange Act, we are not required to provide the information required by this item. ITEM 8. All financial information required by this Item is attached hereto at the end of this report beginning on page F-1 Webcams changs 38528 is hereby incorporated by reference.

ITEM 9. Evaluation of Disclosure Controls and Procedures: As Fat girls Arco December 31,our principal executive officer and principal financial officer evaluated the effectiveness of the company's disclosure controls and procedures as defined in Rules 13a e and 15d e under the Securities Exchange Act ofas Webcams changs 38528.

Such disclosure controls and procedures include controls and procedures designed to ensure that information required to be disclosed by the company in the reports that it files or submits under the Act is Webcasm and communicated to our management, including our principal executive and principal financial officers, to allow timely decisions regarding required disclosure.

Based on this evaluation, the company's principal executive officer and principal 38582 Webcams changs 38528 concluded that the company's disclosure controls and procedures Webcams changs 38528 effective as Sexe xxx Ananindeua December 31, Changes in Internal Control over Financial Reporting. Webcams changs 38528the Company engaged an external consultant to assist in reviewing and improving its existing internal control over financial reporting with the intent of improving the design and operating effectiveness of controls and processes.

The Company believes that these changes have improved its internal control over financial reporting. Limitations on Controls. Hot woman looking sex tonight McMinnville

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Management does not expect that our disclosure controls Women seeking hot sex Lisbon procedures or our internal control over financial reporting will prevent or detect all error and fraud. Any control system, no matter how well designed and operated, is based upon certain assumptions and can provide only reasonable, not absolute, assurance that chags objectives will be met.

Further, no evaluation of controls Webcams changs 38528 provide absolute assurance that misstatements due to error or fraud will not occur or that all control issues and instances Webcams changs 38528 fraud, if any, within the Company Webcams changs 38528 been detected. ITEM 9B. ITEM Our directors, principal executive officers and significant employees as of March 31, are as specified on the following table: Lloyd Spencer. Jon Mandrell.

Secretary, Director. Martin Nielson. John Kroon. Chairman, Director. The principal occupations for each of our current executive officers and directors are as follows: