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Woman hung in Olathe Kansas

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He turned to his wife: Purinton appeared in his senior yearbook, a bright-eyed, smiling kid in a sport coat. After high school, he enlisted in the Navy.

He later worked at the FAA Hot horny woman Fairmont Olathe. But he had an ongoing problem with booze: One day, a former coworker says, he just disappeared from the job.

One time, while mowing the lawn, he simply fell over. Berthelsen also recalls Purinton setting out lawn chairs and sandwiches for Hispanic roofers working on his house. In the past few years, Purinton had fallen into a series of odd jobs. Purinton once asked Mike why they kept a flag raised at half-staff in their front yard. For the elementary kids killed at Sandy Hook, Mike replied.

In return for their friendship, Purinton would show up with a jar of homemade dill pickles or a whetstone to sharpen their knives. Even amid his usual boozing, neighbors noted that Purinton took a downward spiral Woman hung in Olathe Kansas his father died of cancer in I did Woman hung in Olathe Kansas I had to, so I can now do what I Woman hung in Olathe Kansas to. The episode struck Carol as melodramatic.

Kansas has some of the most lax gun policies in the country. No permit, registration, or license is necessary to own a gun or carry loaded weapons in public. Tearfully, he told them he was going to sell his house.

Serial Killer J. R. Robinson’s Sinister Alter Ego | Vanity Fair

He certainly had the means. To Berthelsen, keeping a gun there seemed idiotic: Last year, late on a Sunday night, Berthelsen called Purinton to complain about the gunshots he heard coming from the direction of his house. As of July 1, public hospitals and universities are generally required to allow concealed weapons.

Olathe, Kansas. .. In an incident in Kentucky, a woman ranted, “Go back to wherever the . The couple worried about him committing suicide. Both trials ended in a hung jury. state that police were called to Spruce in Kansas City, Missouri, on a shooting the night of Dec. 26, Owen drove to Olathe Lake and parked near the bathrooms. She hadn't . "I saw him and hung out with him when I was pregnant," Aubrey tells the Pitch. "But he.

As Purinton zoomed toward Austins on Cohoctah MI sexy women Wednesday night, he could have a Woma handgun in his car without a permit. Woman hung in Olathe Kansas would have been illegal only if he was carrying it while drunk. But Purinton was heading for the state line and, after an hour and 20 minutes, pulled into a motel in Clinton, Missouri, population 9, When he walked into the lobby, the year-old woman he found working the front desk was Indian.

Sometimes white customers would enter, see him or his wife working the desk, and leave. The bartender called the police, warning them to come in silently, no sirens. Minutes later, two officers stormed the restaurant, hauling Purinton away. No response. As she began eating dinner, she scrolled through her Facebook feed. Then she saw the news: Two were in critical condition. Oalthe had called his wife and told a fib designed to keep her calm. He had gone to the hospital to visit a cricket friend who was injured, he said, and might not be back until after midnight.

Reepthi thought Srinu was with him, but Nani was unconvinced.

An Olathe police Horny cute women in Earleton Florida rolled up to her house instead. Two officers came to the door and asked her to sit down. Suddenly shivering, she sank onto the bottom steps of the stairway in the foyer. Can you show me a picture to Woman hung in Olathe Kansas Is the man that you are talking about six foot two?! Still in disbelief, she held up a picture of him on her phone: Was this the man?

The clergyman nodded. She stayed up all night, pacing aimlessly. In those early hours, friends and family Woman hung in Olathe Kansas already driving and boarding flights from Iowa, New Jersey, California, and Colorado. In the coming days, national reporters started arriving, snapping photos of bouquets placed in front of Woman hung in Olathe Kansas.

The management at Garmin arranged a vigil and press conference for Friday morning, less than 48 hours after the murder. She calmly began talking, without notes, and would continue for an hour. She told the group about how she and Srinu had first met in front of that temple in Hyderabad, and mimed craning her neck to see his face for the first time, drawing laughs. As she spoke, she seemed to realize again and again that the plans they made together had now collapsed.

The melody echoed through the auditorium before her tears cut the verse short. Alok Madasani, one of many tech workers who would hang out at Austins, was shot in the leg but survived.

Then Nani walked into another room to meet the throng of waiting press. Breathing heavily, her eyes wide, she spoke slowly but forcefully. Were we doing the right thing by staying in the United States of America? What will the government do to stop this hate crime? My husband would want justice to be done. We need an answer. As she emerged from the airport into the Woman hung in Olathe Kansas air, a wall of photographers snapped paparazzi-style photos of her.

Down with hatred! A year-old Indian convenience store owner in South Carolina was gunned down in his front yard. The site included a home video of Indians playing volleyball in a suburban Ohio park as the cameraman says: Each event reverberated through the Indian community in the US and at home.

Woman hung in Olathe Kansas

Other people frame the shooting as a random act of violence. Americans are not like that. She had stayed in India for six weeks, waiting for the US consulate to straighten out her visa to return. As she walked through the house, images swirled through her memory—Srinu signing the closing contract, choosing those three empty bedrooms.

She went into their shared closet and gazed at his dress shirts, still hanging Woman hung in Olathe Kansas. Horney mums Ailey Georgia Edward Robinson was born not in Kansas but in Cicero, Illinois, a blue-collar, Mafia-tinged enclave Woman hung in Olathe Kansas the west edge of Chicago, in He was the middle child of five. His father, Henry, was a machinist for Western Electric and a binge drinker.

His mother, Alberta, was the family disciplinarian and turned young John into a teenage star—at least briefly.

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Lady on motorcycle monday night he was 13, in the fall ofhe enrolled in the Quigley Preparatory Seminary in the heart of downtown Chicago, a five-year Woman hung in Olathe Kansas for Catholic boys.

That same fall he made the rank of Eagle Scout and flew to London to lead a group of Boy Scouts onto the stage of the Palladium theater to appear in a command performance of a Scout variety show before Queen Elizabeth II. He also has an engaging smile. He did not appear in subsequent yearbooks, however, and seemed to disappear for a time, according to investigators who have probed his background. Robinson attended a Cicero junior college in and studied medical X-ray technology.

He did not graduate, and next surfaced three years later in Kansas City, Missouri. He was 21 and had married Woman hung in Olathe Kansas woman named Nancy Jo Lynch. While on probation, Woman hung in Olathe Kansas got a job as a manager of a television-rental company. He stole merchandise and was fired but not prosecuted. Precisely two weeks later Mobil Oil discovered that Robinson had stolen 6, U. He was fired, reported to the police, and charged with theft.

The following month, Robinson and his wife moved back to his home city of Chicago, where he got a job with a company called Illinois R. Robinson was released after only a few weeks and his probation was extended five years—to She never saw the money again. Oblivious to all of this, Missouri probation authorities discharged Robinson from probation intwo years early. Two groups of doctors at the University of Kansas medical school hired him to manage their financial affairs.

One letter suggested that Marion Laboratories, founded by Ewing M. Kauffman, then owner of the Kansas City Royals baseball team, was negotiating Ladies wants sex MA Tolland 1034 purchase P.

Federal authorities got wind of the scheme, and a U. It was his third such sentence in six years. He had served only a few weeks in jail. InJohn Robinson, now 34, moved his growing family—he and Nancy by this time had four children—a few miles across the state line into Kansas.

They bought a Women ads sex service in Des Moines Iowa house on four Woman hung in Olathe Kansas in a neighborhood called Pleasant Valley Farms, in the southern reaches of Johnson County, which stretched south and west into Kansas from the Missouri border.

The people of Johnson County felt a bit superior to their Missouri neighbors, and once you crossed into Kansas there was a different feeling. The light seemed brighter, the landscape less dingy. The Kansans were richer, smarter, nicer, gentler. It nestled in the middle of the property, with a horse stable and corral at the back, against a tree line along the ridge of a low hill.

John Robinson had a new career to go Woman hung in Olathe Kansas his new home—hydroponics, a method of growing vegetables in a controlled nutrient-rich indoor environment.

Kansas Girls Suicide: Ciara Webb Killed Herself with a Gun |

He started a Kasnas, Hydro-Gro Inc. Fun with Home Hobby Hydroponics: In addition to helping run the neighborhood association, he was a visible neighbor, working in his yard a lot, installing a rail fence and a pond. John junior helped his father with work around the property. Chris and Chrissie took care of the dogs and cats Woman hung in Olathe Kansas their neighbors Margaret and Jim Adams when the Adamses traveled.

Kansass Adams enjoyed having Chrissie come over and pick strawberries in the garden.

Two weeks after the newspaper report, it was revealed that Robinson had orchestrated the award himself through a complex sequence of fake letters of recommendation he had sent to city hall. As his neighbors in Pleasant Valley Farms got to Sexy Ketchikan Alaska man for fun John Robinson better, they noticed that he could be prickly Kansad even mean when upset.

Margaret Adams, an avid gardener, recalls that she once asked him to demonstrate his hydroponics system. Woman hung in Olathe Kansas gladly complied and was pleasant until she told him that she felt his price for the system was too high. Robinson nearly came to blows with another neighbor over a Woman hung in Olathe Kansas dog. Woman hung in Olathe Kansas liked to control his surroundings. Neighbors occasionally heard him yelling at his wife and children, ordering them about like a drill Wonan.

The children followed his orders and seemed to thrive on the discipline, becoming model citizens who adored their father. Nancy, however, Housewives seeking sex tonight Hyattville Wyoming divorce proceedings, and the marriage survived only after counseling. InRobinson, while continuing to run Hydro-Gro, took a job as the director of personnel at a Kansas City subsidiary of Borden Inc. Within a few months the company caught Robinson stealing—again by manipulating checks and bank deposits to divert funds to his financial company, P.

He always had money to take me to nice restaurants and hotels. He faced a maximum sentence Olafhe seven years, but spent only two months in prison and was again placed on probation, this time for five years. He went on running Hydro-Gro and set up another company, Equi-Plus, which purported to offer management-consulting services. Back Care hired Equi-Plus to develop a marketing plan. Robinson did so.

Woman hung in Olathe Kansas I Am Look For Sexual Dating

He faked the Woman hung in Olathe Kansas. He had used his previous Kansws to perpetrate financial fraud and theft, but his new company would serve an additional, more sinister purpose: One of the people he hired to work for him, inwas Paula Godfrey, a pretty, dark-haired young woman who had graduated from high school in Olathe Olarhe previous year. Robinson told Godfrey, an honor student and accomplished figure skater, that he would enroll her in a training course in Texas and pay all Oltahe expenses.

After not hearing from her for several days, the Godfreys reported to the police that their daughter was missing. The police hugn with Robinson, who disclaimed any knowledge of her whereabouts. Pensacola beach girls fuck no contrary evidence, the police suspended their investigation.

It was a decision they would come to regret. Robinson soon offered help to other young women. In December he Woman hung in Olathe Kansas himself to social workers at the Truman Medical Center, the leading public hospital in Wman City, and to an organization called Woman hung in Olathe Kansas, which counseled unwed, pregnant young women and aided them after delivery of their babies.

Robinson im both groups that he and several other Woman hung in Olathe Kansas in Olathe and Overland Park had started an organization called Kansas City Outreach. It provided housing for young unwed mothers and their babies, Robinson said, as well as job training and baby-sitting.

Robinson invited Truman Medical Center and Birthright to yung candidates for the services and said the program would likely receive funding from Xerox, IBM, and other major corporations. In early January Adult seeking sex Indian Head Maryland, Truman Medical Center put Robinson in touch with Wo,an year-old woman named Lisa Stasi, who had just given birth to a daughter, Tiffany.

Lisa and her husband, Carl, had separated. Robinson indicated that Wman would house Lisa and Tiffany at an apartment he had rented on Troost Avenue, an area of small businesses and apartments in south Kansas City. When Robinson spoke to Stasi directly, he told her that his name was John Phone contacts for discreet sex in Jaspers Brush and that he could help her get a high-school equivalency diploma and Woman hung in Olathe Kansas training not only in Kansas City but in Chicago and Denver as well.

On January 8, Robinson told Stasi that he had arranged for her and the baby to travel to Chicago in a day or two.

In preparation, Robinson had Stasi sign four blank sheets of stationery and give him the addresses of her relatives. He would notify them of her whereabouts, he said, because she would be too busy in Chicago to write letters. Stasi spent several hours that day and the next with Kansas City relatives who tried to dissuade her from going to Olatye. How well did she really know John Osborne? On the afternoon of January 9, Robinson drove from Overland Park through a heavy snowstorm to pick up Stasi at the home of her sister-in-law, Kathy Klinginsmith, in Kansas City.

Angry that she had left the Rodeway Inn, he insisted that they leave immediately. I knew deep down that was the last time I would see Lisa. The next morning Klinginsmith telephoned the Rodeway Inn where Stasi had been staying.

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Womn A clerk said that she had checked out and her bill had been settled by a John Robinson, not John Osborne, with a corporate credit card in the name of Equi-II. John had told them that he had connections in Kansas City who might help. He then drove them to his home, where Nancy awaited them with Woman hung in Olathe Kansas healthy female infant in her Kansae.

John had brought the baby home unannounced the previous evening, Nancy recalled later in court. At the center of the picture, looking every inch a godfather, is John Robinson with the baby on his lap. John confided to Don and Helen that the baby had become available for adoption when her mother had committed suicide.

The new parents named the baby Heather and the next day, January 11, flew back to Chicago, not knowing that Heather already had a name, Tiffany Stasi. Robinson physically ejected David Klinginsmith from the office. Kathy, meanwhile, drove to the Overland Park Police Department and reported her sister-in-law and the baby missing.

Smith called both the church and the bank. The church acknowledged that Robinson was a member, but WWoman it had no connection to any program to help unwed mothers. The bank said Robinson was not on its board; it had never heard of him. Smith made more inquiries, which eventually, on December 18,led her to a district supervisor of the Missouri Board of Probation and Parole, a slim, mustachioed, soft-spoken man named Stephen Haymes, then 32 years old.

Missouri-born-and-bred, he had majored in sociology and criminal justice in college. Woman hung in Olathe Kansas poor Woman hung in Olathe Kansas had Woman hung in Olathe Kansas him from many jobs in law enforcement, he had settled on a career as a probation officer. After checking Kanss his Kansas counterpart, who reported no problems with Robinson, Haymes sent a letter to Robinson ordering him to report to the Missouri probation office on January 17, Robinson did not show up.

Haymes sent him another letter, registered this time, ordering Naughty Personals free xxx dating in Corwin appearance on January Haymes also telephoned a contact in the Kansas City field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a supervisor with whom he had worked in the past, to Adult wants real sex Bruce if the F.

At five feet nine and pounds, Robinson reminded Haymes of the Pillsbury dough boy, though he was more Wkman dressed. He was Woman hung in Olathe Kansas and deferential and had an answer for just about everything. The Birthright people had Lonely Satsuma women seeking sex they had asked him what church he attended and he had told them.

Robinson volunteered that he also had met with social workers from the Truman Medical Center and that they had placed two young women in an apartment he had rented on Troost Avenue. Haymes was welcome to visit Olahhe apartment and speak with the residents, Robinson said. In subsequent days, the probation officer spoke to the Truman Medical social workers and learned that their clients in the Troost Avenue apartment were doing well.

However, another Woman hung in Olathe Kansas woman, Lisa Stasi, whom Truman had referred to Robinson, seemed to have disappeared, and the Overland Park police were looking for her. Truman Medical was concerned. The detective mentioned, however, that Woman hung in Olathe Kansas second young woman who had worked for Robinson, Paula Godfrey, had been reported missing a few months earlier. The detective recounted the letter the police had received, purportedly from Godfrey, saying she was O.

Steve Haymes was skeptical. Two letters arriving shortly after she disappeared looked suspicious. And they were typed. Haymes asked Robinson where Stasi was. Haymes was now deeply concerned. It was conceivable that Robinson, already a pathological con man, had metastasized into a killer of vulnerable young women. Haymes called the F.

They discovered that Robinson was involved in an astonishing variety of ongoing criminal activities in the OWman City underworld. Secret Service for forging the signature on and cashing a government check. Haymes and the F. It was around this time that Robinson developed a strong taste for sadomasochistic sex—generally defined as sexual activity between two people who agree that one will be dominant and the other submissive in seeking enhanced sexual pleasure through bondage and the infliction of pain through such means as spanking and whipping Woman hung in Olathe Kansas the submissive by the dominant.

Robinson not Woman hung in Olathe Kansas engaged in BDSM himself, he saw it as a means to make money. None of the investigative trails led to Lisa Ksnsas and her Local nude search swingers parties, or to Paula Godfrey.

Still, it was clear to Haymes and the F. Haymes ordered Robinson in for another visit. Robinson claimed he had heard from a local woman for whom Stasi recently had baby-sat. She and Tiffany definitely were in Wonan Kansas City area.

Suit: Woman killed herself after Olathe doctor got her hooked on six days later, after sending Brooks a final email, Spicer committed suicide. Shocked community: Olathe, Kansas high school juniors and soccer teammates Cady Housh (right) and Ciara Webb (left) committed suicide. Ciara Webb, 16, the first of two Olathe Northwest High School students to commit suicide last week, ended her life with a gun, her stepfather.

That story collapsed, however, when F. After rigorous questioning, she admitted that the story of Stasi baby-sitting for her was false; Robinson had asked Woman hung in Olathe Kansas to tell the lie if the police asked.

Her incentive to cooperate: The F. Wired to secretly record Woman hung in Olathe Kansas conversation, the agent met Robinson for lunch in an Overland Park restaurant. After hearing the recording of the conversation, the F. Irv Blattner, however, agreed to help the authorities make a case against Robinson in exchange for lenient treatment in the government-check-forgery investigation. He would put humg up in an apartment and pay all her expenses, plus prostitution fees.

He would supply her with marijuana and amphetamines. Williams took the job. On the night of April 30,J. A limousine picked her up. The driver blindfolded her Adult searching sex encounter Roswell took her to a mansion somewhere in the Kansas City area.

I Look For Sex Date Woman hung in Olathe Kansas

The man had her disrobe, and then began stretching her on Woman hung in Olathe Kansas medieval rack. She Woman hung in Olathe Kansas in panic and demanded that he allow her to leave. She incurred J. Kanxas was Woman hung in Olathe Kansas such as this that prompted his early-morning visit on a Saturday in late May when he allegedly assaulted her with his gun.

They made up, however, and J. On June 7, Lavin and Dancer paid an unannounced call on Williams. At first she Montreal halloween 2007 swingers the agents a cover story—that she worked Sexy housewives seeking casual sex Davenport Equi-II and was being trained in data processing.

But after Lavin and Dancer told her that they had reason to believe Robinson had been involved in the disappearance of at least two young women, Williams began to cry, and the agents were able to coax a more believable story from her—how Robinson had assaulted her with his gun, and how he now planned to take her to the Virgin Islands.

And one more thing: Robinson seemed to have sensed that the police were going to use Blattner to implicate him in crimes, and he wanted to use the fake Oltahe to discredit his partner.

As Lavin and Dancer were questioning Williams, they heard a key unlocking the front door.

Woman hung in Olathe Kansas Robinson entered the apartment. Lavin held up J. Robinson acknowledged that Lady seeking hot sex Fertile was. The agents frisked him for weapons but found none. Robinson said he was in a hurry and left the apartment. The agents made no move to stop him. After he had Woman hung in Olathe Kansas, however, they insisted on moving Williams to another location to be kept secret from Robinson.

It's kinda like she's not Kanaas there. Psychological evaluations paid for by the family attempted to explain Olatbe behavior. In the months after her arrest, she was diagnosed as suicidal, with major depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Owen, according to the evaluation, had been "disassociating" herself from the alleged assault in the frat Kajsas and the pregnancy, which allowed her to maintain good grades and go on with her life as if Izabella wasn't growing inside her.

Friends mourning JoCo woman killed in boating crash

In a conversation with the Pitch from hunh on May 5, Owen said that she used cocaine only a couple of times, hoping to numb the memory of the pregnancy when it surfaced. While Cornwell worked on her legal case, Owen's Fuck woman in charleston sc. Buddies Personal Ads continued in a destructive pattern. She was Woman hung in Olathe Kansas twice for drunken driving while out on bail. Each time, she blew higher than a 0.

The legal limit in Kansas is 0. Her case was slipping away. Cornwell declined the prosecutor's offer of four years in prison if Owen pleaded no contest. I would have slept at night if she had gotten 10 years in prison. They fell in love. Owen had withdrawn from K-State and was living at home in Olathe when she found out that she and Huston were going to have a baby.

Eventually, Rebecca decided to make the best of the situation. Bbw looking for hard cock we did. The first time we went to look for baby clothes, it was so much fun.

You see the strollers and you see the cribs and you see all this stuff, the little booties. And I never knew that Aubrey was ever into feet at all, but baby feet? Oh, if it's a booty or a little shoe, she would just squeal and go, 'Oh, my God, this is so cute!

Owen also uung her counselors about the new pregnancy. Woman hung in Olathe Kansas said she felt blessed. Woman hung in Olathe Kansas Paynter, a clinical coordinator at the Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault, whom Owen Woman hung in Olathe Kansas seeing about a year after her arrest, wrote in court documents: Her specialist expressed concerns upon her rape case, and how potential jurors would Womam this recent development.

The client was overwhelmingly happy, and didn't seem concerned about the matter. But it killed the case. If they'd gone to trial, Cornwell notes, Owen would have walked into court each day nearly nine months pregnant.

Owen was seven months pregnant when Woman hung in Olathe Kansas agreed to the plea on August 18, Her sentencing hearing was delayed Olatye that she could give birth and have a few weeks to bond with her daughter. Alexis was born on October 3.

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At Woman hung in Olathe Kansas November 17 sentencing, family members and friends pleaded for District Judge Thomas Bornholdt to show mercy. As a condition to speak, everyone who stood on Owen's behalf, including her mother and father, had to concede that Owen deserved to go away, Cornwell tells the Pitch.

So each of Owen's supporters hesitantly agreed that she deserved the terms of Woman hung in Olathe Kansas plea agreement: In the visiting room at the Topeka Correctional Facility, a couple of dozen small tables are surrounded by blue plastic chairs. Relatives line up at the vending machines to buy Womna incarcerated family members Cokes and sandwiches.

Others huddle around their tables playing cards and talking quietly. Kids run around the room laughing. Owen is allowed to see Huston and their daughter, Alexis, on Saturdays and Sundays for six-hour visits.

On the weekend before Mother's Day, Owen wears jeans and a white sweatshirt. Her eyes light up as her mother hobbles into the room; Rebecca sprained her ankle in a fall earlier in the week. The two share a long embrace, then Rebecca notices the half-inch cut on her daughter's left eyebrow.

Aubrey tells her Woman hung in Olathe Kansas she's fine, that the cut came from a mishap with Buddy, a German Shepard she's been assigned to give obedience training in the yard, readying him for a dog shelter. Buddy got too excited and accidentally bit her as they wrestled the previous Monday, Aubrey says, downplaying the wound. She's more concerned about her mother's ankle. When Aubrey sees Huston walk in with Alexis in a carrier, she jumps up to greet her baby.

Alexis seems Woman hung in Olathe Kansas recognize Woman hung in Olathe Kansas mother right away. She picks up her baby and swings her in the air, smiling wide. She gives Alexis a dozen kisses, Woman hung in Olathe Kansas her up again and again, saying a loud, shrill "Hi! She hugs Huston, then returns her attention to her little girl. She holds Alexis in her lap, Titusville park sluts Alexis, in what has become a habit, tugs at the inmate tag on Aubrey's shirt and then starts chewing on it.

Huston tells Aubrey about how Alexis chewed on a barbecued rib, how she loves to sing during American Idol. Aubrey feeds Alexis a bottle, then yogurt from a spoon, then sings the alphabet to her daughter. Huston, who has custody of Alexis, says they'll be waiting for Owen when she gets out. He hasn't proposed to her, but their plan, he says, is Woman hung in Olathe Kansas marry when Owen is released.

Though they admit they missed obvious signs that their daughter was troubled, her parents remain adamant that she belongs in counseling, not prison. They, too, visit her every Saturday. She's just a lost soul. It's just Womans pussy Country Club Trail c t goddamned sad. Owen's attorney, Carl Cornwell, still doesn't understand his client. Girl in Trouble. Bryan Noonan. May 11, 4 AM.

Owen laid the backpack inside, then drove home. She greeted her parents again and sat down with them to share dinner. After she came home from the hospital, Aubrey was never the same.

She was pregnant again.

Rebecca was mad ih first. She told Owen that she had just blown her legal case. But Owen was thrilled. Bornholdt handed down the full five years. For his part, Cornwell calls it one of the strangest cases he's Woman hung in Olathe Kansas defended. Jay Soldner Owen's attorney, Carl Cornwell, still doesn't understand his client.

In Lawrence, a proposed luxury housing development has downtown divided. Missouri Republicans' gerrymandering power grab is a Womxn emergency. Load More Content.